The nation's weather

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Posted: Oct 27, 2010 5:55 AM
The nation's weather

Severe weather was forecast to strike the East on Wednesday as a cold front associated with a monstrous storm in the Midwest blew through the region.

The front was expected to trigger thunderstorms containing strong winds, possible hail and tornadoes. The front responsible for this foul weather had a history of producing damaging wind and tornadoes. In addition to the severe weather expected in the East, dangerous winter weather would continue nearer to the storm's center. North Dakota was expected to see blizzard conditions continue throughout the day Wednesday as strong northerly winds drove cold air southward. These cold winds were forecast to combine with moderate to heavy snowfall to create near whiteout conditions. The storm had been one of the most severe to hit the Midwest this early in the year, and was forecast to maintain its strength through Wednesday.

In the West, conditions were expected to be pleasant for the start of the day as high pressure allowed temperatures to warm up a little above normal for this time of year. This nice weather would begin to disappear in the afternoon though as a Pacific storm system approached the coast. This storm was expected to move into Northern California in the mid-afternoon then bring rain farther inland as well as to the south through the evening hours.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Tuesday ranged from a low of 10 degrees at Wilkerson Pass, Colo., to a high of 96 degrees at Laredo, Texas.