TSA to NYC-area travelers: We'll be seeing you!

AP News
Posted: Oct 22, 2010 2:55 PM
TSA to NYC-area travelers: We'll be seeing you!

Air travelers already give up their shoes and bottled water to pass through security checkpoints at New York City's three major airports. Now some will be asked to part with their modesty.

The Transportation Security Administration has begun a slow rollout of high-tech body scanners in New York and New Jersey. The machines give screeners the ability to see beneath a passenger's clothing while they search for weapons.

At Kennedy Airport on Friday, select passengers at the American Airlines terminal were asked to step inside a big X-ray machine and raise their arms after passing through the metal detectors.

The devices use a low dose of radiation to create a computerized image of a person's body.

The TSA has the scanners deployed at 61 airports nationwide.