A look at some recent attacks on transportation

AP News
Posted: Dec 25, 2009 11:54 PM

Some recent threats and attacks on airplanes, airports, trains and subways around the world:

_ Dec. 25, 2009: A Nigerian man claiming to be an agent for al-Qaida tries to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane carrying 278 passengers as it prepares to land in Detroit.

_ Sept. 4, 2007: Officials arrest three men they say were plotting an attack against Frankfurt International Airport.

_ June 29, 2007: Two men ram a Jeep Cherokee loaded with gas cylinders into the entrance of Glasgow International Airport and set it on fire.

_ June 2007: A plot to detonate the fuel system at New York's JFK Airport is disrupted by authorities.

_ Aug. 10, 2006: British police say they disrupt an alleged bomb plot targeting multiple airplanes destined for the U.S.

_ July 7, 2005: A blast rips through London's subway system, killing 56 people, including four bombers, and injuring 700.

_ Aug. 31, 2004: At least nine die and scores are wounded in a suicide blast outside a subway station in Moscow.

_ Aug. 24, 2004: Two Russian airliners _ one with 46 people aboard, one carrying 42 _ crash after flying out of the same Moscow airport. Russian authorities suspect terrorism.

_ March 10, 2004: Ten bombs rip through four commuter trains in Madrid during morning rush hour, killing 191 people in Spain's worst terror strike.

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_ July 4, 2002: An Egyptian immigrant guns down two people and wounds three others at Los Angeles International Airport before taking his own life.

_ Dec. 22, 2001: Richard C. Reid attempts to detonate explosives in his shoes aboard an American Airlines passenger jet on a flight form Paris to Miami.

_ Sept. 11, 2001: Nineteen men hijack four jetliners in a terror attack that kills nearly 3,000 people. Two planes are crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, one into the Pentagon, and one goes down in a field in Pennsylvania.

Source: The Associated Press