'2010' numerals delivered to Times Square

AP News
Posted: Dec 16, 2009 6:39 PM

The year 2010 is days away and the numerals marking the new decade have rolled into Times Square.

Two pedicabs delivered the digits "1" and "0" on Wednesday. They'll be displayed to the public for a week as an example of energy efficiency. The seven-foot numerals are illuminated with LED bulbs that use only 9 watts each _ compared to the 40 watts consumed by halogen bulbs.

Last year's "2" and another "0" will be reused _ with LED bulbs _ for the New Year's Eve ball-dropping ceremony.

The new numerals are on display in a Times Square building.

Visitors can push pedals to create energy that is being converted into power for batteries that will light the numerals as the ball descends.