Special delivery: UPS driver finds, returns $5,200

AP News
Posted: Dec 11, 2009 1:16 PM

A UPS driver's unscheduled delivery in New Jersey has made one retailer very grateful.

John Piontkowski spotted a bank bag in the middle of the road while he was making deliveries in Randolph. Inside, he found $5,200 and a Bank of America deposit slip showing the money came from Stuyvesant Liquors in Jersey City.

The driver took the money to the bank. He tells the Daily Record of Morristown that he never considered keeping the cash.

Store owner Don Knaus says he and his wife were busy running errands Wednesday and lost track of the money, which somehow landed in the road near their home. As they searched, their bank called to say the money had been found.

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The driver says the store owner gave him "a very nice reward."