Woman's handbag caught in door of Boston train

AP News
Posted: Dec 07, 2009 9:03 PM

A woman who was pulled along the platform after her handbag got caught in the door of a Boston subway train is weighing legal action against the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Betty Velasquez told WHDH-TV on Monday that she lost conciousness after hitting a wall, temporarily lost feeling in her arm, suffers dizzy spells and missed several weeks of work. Velasquez says she continues to suffer migraines as a result of last month's incident at South Station.

Surveillance video released by the MBTA shows the door of the Red Line train closing on the woman's handbag, and the woman being pulled alongside the train for several yards. She says she struck her head against a wall after freeing herself.

The MBTA fired the train attendant and gave the train operator a 10-day suspension following the incident, which acting T general manager William Mitchell called "inexcusable."