Palin says nation should rededicate itself to God

AP News
Posted: Dec 04, 2009 4:19 PM

Sarah Palin says the United States should rededicate itself to seeking God's will, arguing that a humble spirit could help leaders get more answers on issues such as health care, energy and national security.

In a video released Friday by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president said it's important for leaders to acknowledge they don't have all the answers.

"No one person has all the right answers," Palin said. "It takes a united nation, and it does take godly counsel, and it takes prayer and answers to prayer _ and a collective humble heart of a nation seeking God's hand of protection and his blessings of prosperity. I think if we can get back to that, our country will be a safer, more prosperous and healthier nation."

The former Alaska governor referred to an Abraham Lincoln proclamation that declared a day of national humiliation, fasting, and prayer. She said the United States has been "touched by God" because the nation's early leaders dedicated the country to God.

"If we could get back to that _ that humbleness, with that kind of contrite spirit _ I think that we would be able to be provided more of the answers to so many of the great challenges that we're facing," Palin said. "And these are huge challenges, whether we're talking about health care, whether we're talking about energy independence, whether we're talking about national security measures."

Parts of Palin's interview with the Billy Graham group have been released since she traveled a couple weeks ago to meet the aging religious leader at his western North Carolina home, where they dined and prayed. Franklin Graham, who now leads the Charlotte-based association his father founded, said he has been impressed by Palin's commitment to faith, family and country.

In the videos, Palin talked about some of the "shots" she takes in the media and in politics.

"God strengthens me through the challenges," Palin said, adding that she believes in a line from the Bible she paraphrased as: "What the enemy seeks to destroy you with, no, God is going to turn it around for good."

"God has so blessed me in really manifesting that promise over and over and over in my life," she said.

Billy Graham, 91, has been a counsel to presidents and politicians for decades, though he now remains largely secluded due to deteriorating health. Palin was visiting North Carolina last month as part of a book tour for her new memoir, "Going Rogue."