US House districts with fewest academy nominations

AP News
Posted: Nov 20, 2009 5:31 AM

A list of congressional districts with the fewest military academy nominations for the classes of 2009 to 2013, the officeholders and the total nominations they have made. All 20 are Democrats from districts where whites make up less than half the population, and all but two of the districts include major urban areas.

1. New York's 12th District, Nydia Velazquez, 4 nominations.

2. New York's 15th District, Charles Rangel, 8 nominations.

(tie) Massachusetts' 8th District, Michael Capuano, 8 nominations.

4. New York's 16th District, Jose Serrano, 9 nominations.

(tie) Pennsylvania's 1st District, Robert Brady, 9 nominations.

6. Florida's 23rd District, Alcee Hastings, 10 nominations.

7. New York's 10th District, Edolphus Towns, 11 nominations.

8. Illinois' 4th District, Luis Gutierrez, 13 nominations.

(tie) Illinois' 1st District, Bobby Rush, 13 nominations.

10. California's 35th District, Maxine Waters, 14 nominations.

11. California's 37th District, Juanita Millender-McDonald/Laura Richardson, 15 nominations.

(tie) California's 33rd District, Diane Watson, 15 nominations.

13. Florida's 17th District, Kendrick Meek, 16 nominations.

14. New Jersey's 13th District, Robert Menendez/Albio Sires, 17 nominations.

15. North Carolina's 12th District, Mel Watt, 18 nominations.

16. California's 8th District, Nancy Pelosi, 19 nominations.

17. California's 31st District, Xavier Becerra, 20 nominations.

18. Michigan's 13th District, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, 22 nominations.

(tie) New York's 14th District, Carolyn Maloney, 22 nominations.

20. California's 20th District, Cal Dooley/Jim Costa, 23 nominations.


Sources: U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy