Petition seeks release of 3 hikers held in Iran

AP News
Posted: Nov 18, 2009 12:13 PM

The families of three American hikers detained in Iran have filed a petition with the Iranian mission to the United Nations.

The petition has 2,500 signatures and was submitted to the U.N. on Wednesday.

It seeks the release of 27-year-old Shane Bauer, 31-year-old Sarah Shourd and 27-year-old Josh Fattal (fah-TAHL'). Their families say the three accidentally crossed an unmarked border into Iran while hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan on July 31.

Cindy Hickey, Bauer's mother, says supporters from around the world have signed the petition.

The families say the petition was signed online at and at vigils that took place across the United States on September 30.

The hikers have family in California, Colorado, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.