Aide tied to Ohio AG scandal sentenced to 45 days

AP News
Posted: Nov 18, 2009 2:32 PM

A one-time aide who helped bring about the downfall of former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has been sentenced to 45 days on an unrelated theft-in-office charge and other counts.

Anthony Gutierrez (goo-tee-AYR'-ehz) may serve the time on weekends in the Franklin County Jail in Columbus, under the sentence imposed Wednesday. Gutierrez also was fined nearly $6,900.

Gutierrez pleaded guilty to several counts, most involving his private construction business in Youngstown.

Gutierrez was the central figure in a sexual harassment scandal that led Dann to resign last year. Gutierrez was Dann's general services chief and his roommate at a Columbus condo where the two men and a cohort got together with two female employees for pizza and beer.