Tonara's iPad App helps musicians rehearse, perform

Reuters News
Posted: Sep 23, 2013 3:41 AM

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Tonara has developed a mobile music-playing application for Apple's iPad that listens to musicians, shows their location in a music score and automatically turns the pages of interactive sheet music.

Users can download scores for free in the "Tonara Free Zone" and review their music with an interactive playback system.

"Whether they are practicing at home, playing at a lesson or performing in the concert hall, Tonara was designed to help students, teachers, amateurs and professionals improve quickly," said Guy Bauman, chief executive of Israel-based Tonara.

In the "Tonara Free Zone" users can download hundreds of free interactive scores, mainly for the piano and primarily classical. In addition, thousands of music scores from every genre are available in the Tonara Store.

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The Tonara recording system synchronises music to the notes and uses a marker to designate the location of the playback within the score. By touching any location on the score, musicians can jump to any part of their recording for review.

(Reporting by Tova Cohen; Editing by Steven Scheer)