Canada police charge website owner alleged to have posted murder video

Reuters News
Posted: Jul 17, 2013 5:41 PM

(Reuters) - A Canadian faces the rare charge of corrupting morals after allegedly posting a grisly snuff video on a website that specializes in graphic, violent, racist videos, police in Edmonton, Alberta, said on Wednesday.

Staff Sergeant Bill Clark told a televised news conference that Mark Marek, 38, had cooperated with police after they tracked him down after a year-long investigation into how the video, allegedly from accused murderer Luka Magnotta, reached the website.

Police say the website was being operated from Edmonton at the time the video was posted.

"The allegation is that Luka Magnotta sent that video to the website owned and operated by Mr. Marek, and Mr. Marek, knowing the content, posted it on his website for all to see," Clark said.

Magnotta is charged with murdering Chinese student Jun Lin, who was living in Montreal, and defiling the corpse. Police say they believe that the video of Lin's death is genuine, but evidence in Magnotta's preliminary hearings, held in Montreal in March, is covered by a publication ban and may not be reported.

Clark said it was the first time the charge of corrupting morals, which carries a maximum two-year sentence, had been laid in Edmonton. He said he was shocked by the content of the site.

"I would describe ... (it) as a racist website inciting hatred and violence above and beyond anything normal," he said. "It's a shocking website. I can tell you that."

Marek, whom Clark described as someone who "really was of no fixed address," cannot be contacted because he is in police custody pending a bail hearing set for Thursday.

In answer to written questions posed by Canada's CBC Radio last year, he defended his website.

"I report on real life events. What you find on Best Gore is raw reality in its truest form. Honest, uncensored, real. Like life itself," he said in the written interview, which was posted on the CBC's website in June 2012.

(Reporting by Scott Haggett; Editing by Janet Guttsman; and Peter Galloway)