SundaySky's personalised videos boost sales threefold

Reuters News
Posted: Apr 29, 2013 6:21 AM

By Tova Cohen

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - SundaySky expects its sales to triple annually as companies increasingly use personalized videos to win over new customers and retain existing ones.

The U.S.-Israeli company's videos not only speak to a customer by name but take into account past history and present behavior with a brand. SundaySky can generate millions of videos from a single template in real time, allowing the videos to always be up to date.

"The video covers all stages of a customer's life cycle, from a customer's acquisition, supporting them with bills and statements to expanding their relationship and developing a deeper level of loyalty," said Jim Dicso, SundaySky's president.

One of SundaySky's flagship clients is AT&T, which has seen a reduction in inbound phone calls from its customers as well as in the length of the calls, Dicso said. SundaySky has expanded its services to the majority of U.S. phone companies.

Customer loyalty programs are another focus. The objective is to maintain relationships with customers that can lead to added products and services over time.

"The videos can help reduce churn and in the case of telecom companies, increase average revenue per user," he said.

Besides AT&T, SundaySky's clients include Orange, Office Depot, AIG, Turkcell, eBay, Lenovo, Sears and Verizon.

Another use of the videos is advertising based on a customer's behavior while shopping on a company's website.

For example, if someone looks at a printer on Office Depot's website but does not buy it and a few days later watches a video on YouTube, SundaySky's software will bid to show the user an ad. If SundaySky's bid is accepted by an ad exchange it will show the user an ad for the printer with a promotional offer and an Office Depot brand message.

SundaySky has grown threefold in each of the past two years in revenue and bookings.

"We are confident we can execute at that pace in the coming years," Dicso said.

SundaySky said it differs from competitors such as Israel's Idomoo in that its platform can create an unlimited amount of videos that are always up to date. Also, its software has an analytics platform built in, allowing it to measure and optimize performance.

Founded in 2007 in Israel, where its development activities are located, SundaySky is headquartered in New York. It has raised over $17 million from Carmel Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners and Globespan Capital and employs more than 90 workers.

(Reporting by Tova Cohen; Editing by Jeffrey Heller)