A look at AT&T subscribers and what they're paying

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Posted: Apr 24, 2012 7:24 PM
A look at AT&T subscribers and what they're paying

Here's a look at how many subscribers AT&T has in several categories, and how much they pay.

_Number of smartphone users on contract-based plans: 41.2 million

The average smartphone user's monthly charge: $80

_Number of non-smartphone users on contract-based plans: 28.2 million

The average non-smartphone user's monthly charge: $42

_Number of non-contract phone and tablet users: 7.4 million

The average non-contract phone or tablet user's monthly service charge: roughly $20

_Customers of companies such as Tracfone, which resell AT&T service: 13.9 million

Revenue AT&T gets from each of those customers per month: about $5

_"Connected devices," which includes e-readers, GPS navigation devices, and smart utility meters: 13.3 million

Monthly subscription charges for each device: a few dollars.

_Total number of devices on AT&T's network: 103.9 million

Service charges generated by those devices every month: $4.9 billion