Google celebrates spring with Balkan colors

AP News
Posted: Mar 02, 2011 8:56 AM
Google celebrates spring with Balkan colors

Google has draped its Bulgarian and Romanian home page with red-and-white woolen tassels, paying tribute to an old Balkan spring tradition, for its latest logo change for special events.

The search giant on Tuesday chose a Martenitsa _ from the Bulgarian word for March _ a red-and-white spring charm made from yarn that symbolizes love, health and fertility.

Millions of Bulgaria and Romanians observe the centuries-old regional custom, handing out spring charms to loved ones, every March 1.

The white symbolizes male strength and longevity and the red represents the female spirit and is associated with health, blood, and fertility.

A Martenitsa is worn until March 22 _ unless you see a stork or spring blossom. Then it is tied to the branch of a tree to make a wish.