On the Call: EBay CEO John Donahoe

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Posted: Oct 20, 2010 8:02 PM
On the Call: EBay CEO John Donahoe

EBay Inc. is in the midst of revamping its marketplace in hopes of snagging more buyers and sellers, making changes like lowering the upfront fees it charges sellers and starting a buyer protection plan.

It has also made changes within categories such as fashion, where it wants to be known less as a place to find used clothing and more as a hot destination for picking up the trendiest garments.

During a conference call with analysts to discuss eBay's third-quarter report, eBay CEO John Donahoe talked about recent changes to this category.

QUESTION: Can you point out some changes in buyer or merchant behavior in the fashion category, since you've made changes there?

ANSWER: "Probably the biggest shift you've seen in the past six to 12 months is we now have a growing number of recognizable brands and retailers that have opened up outlet shops on eBay. So if you were to go to the eBay UK home page and just click on 'Outlet Shops,' you will see that Savile Row has an outlet shop _ the luxury suit maker. Jigsaw, which is a major UK company, has an outlet shop on eBay. Ed Hardy has an outlet shop on eBay. And what these large merchants and brands are doing is they're finding eBay is a good place to sell their liquidation stock and sell their excess in ways that don't cannibalize their core business ...

"Buyers, while they love the new fashion experience, and it's engaging, what they really love is getting great products at great prices. And so the feedback we're getting from buyers around the fashion experience is that they love getting the kind of inventory they can get on eBay, they can't get anywhere else, in terms of front-name brand-new items at significant discounts."