'Bible' series mostly receives thumbs up

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Posted: Mar 04, 2013 4:52 PM

NASHVILLE (BP) -- The debut of the History Channel's "The Bible" mini-series Sunday (March 3) received mostly positive reviews from Baptist Press readers on Twitter and Facebook.

Although not scientific, the feedback apparently shows that unlike most History Channel documentaries -- which generally cast a skeptical eye on the truthfulness of Scripture -- the five-part, 10-hour miniseries has placed the Bible in a more positive light, and Christians are noticing. Two professing Christians, Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey, are the executive producers. Downey told the radio program "For Faith & Family" that the "intention of making this series was to glorify God."

Said Burnett, "This is unlike anything we have ever worked on. This is not a TV show to us; this is the Bible."

The series will be broadcast the next four Sundays, concluding on Easter Sunday. Following is a sampling of comments from Baptist Press readers on Twitter and Facebook:


-- Jack Graham (JackNGraham): "My hope is the Bible Series and its epic stories will lead to conversations at offices schools neighborhoods and Gods message of salvation."

-- Jimmy Scroggins (@Jimmy Scroggins): "I made my kids watch it. They weren't happy. Then they loved it, especially since we have been preaching thru Genesis."

-- Rick Lance (@Rick Lance): "Missed first half of "The Bible" @History TV series last night but impressed with what I saw."

-- Nate and Heather Graff (@NHGRAAFF): "Exciting & engrossing series #thebible. Our kids loved it! There were artistic additions but we watched with discerning hearts."

-- Mary Best (@Faith2Move): "My kids 4 & 2 captivated by the Noah's Ark scene. That's my 2yr olds favorite bible story he was able to see it come to life."

-- Mike Mandaris (@mmbeachbum): "My wife & I enjoyed it! (but I never knew Noah was a Scotsman before...*smile*)."

-- Jess Preusser (@JessPresseur): "Mixed reviews from me, what they did was fine, but what they didn't do left key holes in the story."

-- Wyatt Bloom (@ServantWB): "Loved it! A few minor personal observations but overall it was a fabulous description! Looking forward to seeing the rest."

-- Adam Myrick (@adam_myrick): "The special effects made me nervous going in. But, they were up-to-par. Despite an odd mishmash of accents, I'll be back."

-- Steven Schenewerk (@wcbcpastor): "I enjoyed last night's episode. Thought the retelling of creation through Noah's story was compelling."

-- KT Edwards (@ktedwrds): "After watching it I'm still trying to figure out why God destroyed Sodom."

-- Roger Byrd (@BroRoger): "The message came thru clearly from the characters: "We must trust in God."


-- Suzanne Krein: "My overall view -- not every detail was 'right' because of time constraints and the need to condense the stories told, but what they got right they got VERY RIGHT!"

-- Dale Pugh: "Obviously, the time constraints required conflating the stories told. I wish they hadn't skipped over Joseph, but it seems that they focused on the stories dealing with the Covenant relationship between God and His people. I think the portrayal of the angels will be problematic for some people, but the fact that they're depicted as warriors, powerful and somewhat terrifying, is closer to the Bible than most theatrical depictions."

-- Gail Mankiewicz: "I thought that ... first show was a big disappointment. It left out really important things and then added a lot of things that were not in the Bible, distorting the truth. I do hope that God will use this mini series to draw people to actually read their Bibles though. He works all things together for good ...."

-- Beverly Roseberry: "I was looking for the sin of homosexual lifestyle in Sodom and they tried too hard to be politically correct."

-- Martha Jones Schmidt: "I think The Book is better than the movie. It always is!"

-- Jimmie Mathews: "I was mostly impressed. I found some important details missing and some creative license I didn't like too much. Production values were pretty good overall. Loved Noah giving the creation account whilst in the ark. Was disappointed with the account of Moses. It would've been very nice for that to have been deeper. Also missed Joseph. His account is important as a predecessor to Christ. Loved the portrayal of the angels."

-- William Zane: "Loved it -- it was really awe-inspiring. Our God is an awesome God!"

-- Dennis Gray: "I thought the movie was great. I see many Christians slamming the creative decisions. But if it inspires a few more to pick up a Bible or go to church to learn more, then it has done a good job."

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