Russian diplomat complains of White House 'leaks to media'

AP News
Posted: May 30, 2017 9:16 AM

MOSCOW (AP) — A top Russian diplomat has complained about "the threat of leaks" from the White House to the media, saying it hampers cooperation between Russia and the United States.

Speaking to Russian news agencies on Tuesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said: "You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow: maybe you'll see what you discussed with your counterpart on the pages of Washington Post or on CNN."

Ryabkov did not elaborate, but added that the communication with the Trump administration is currently "on the basic level" because he "wouldn't tell my counterparts in Washington what I wouldn't be able to tell you."

Ryabkov's comments came several days after top White House adviser Jared Kushner faced allegations that he tried to create back-channel communications with Russia.