China Deports US Businesswoman Accused of Spying

AP News
Posted: Apr 29, 2017 2:47 PM
China Deports US Businesswoman Accused of Spying

HOUSTON (AP) — An American woman who was arrested while on a business trip in China and later convicted of spying has been deported to the United States.

Jeff Gillis says his wife, Phan "Sandy" Phan-Gillis, got on a flight to Los Angeles on Friday evening. The couple planned to stay in LA a few days to visit relatives before returning to their Houston home.

It was just Tuesday when Phan-Gillis was sentenced by Chinese authorities to three and a half years in prison. But the sentence was seen as an indication that she soon could be allowed to return home.

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She had faced an uncertain fate since March 2015, when she disappeared from her group traveling in southern China. She was later accused of espionage.

Phan-Gillis is a U.S. citizen of Chinese descent.