Rwanda fires 200 police officers accused of corruption

AP News
Posted: Feb 06, 2017 9:29 AM

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwanda's government has dismissed 200 police officers implicated in corruption as the East African country strives to maintain its reputation as largely free of petty graft.

Rwanda is sub-Saharan Africa's third least corrupt country in Transparency International's latest survey.

The ranking shows the Rwandan government's will to fight corruption, said Marie-Immaculée Ingabire, the head of Transparency International in Rwanda.

The dismissal of the police officers was approved by a Cabinet meeting last Friday chaired by President Paul Kagame, whose government has been hailed by donor countries for punishing corrupt officials.

Rwanda depends on foreign aid to finance a sizable part of its national budget.

Rwanda police spokesman Theos Badege said Monday there would be "no mercy" upon corrupt officers in the police.

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"It is a national policy to ensure zero tolerance to graft," Badege said, adding that accountability and integrity are among the core values expected of police officers while on duty.

Last year 200 civilians were arrested for allegedly giving bribes to police officers.

The African Union estimates that $50 billion is lost to corruption and other financial crimes across Africa annually.