Luxembourg launches criminal case over VW emissions scandal: minister

Reuters News
Posted: Feb 06, 2017 8:53 AM

LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - Luxembourg launched criminal proceedings over the Volkswagen emissions scandal on Monday, saying its type approval authority was cheated by car manufacturers.

Following an investigation into the scandal, the country's infrastructure minister said it was lodging a complaint with prosecutors against unknown culprits.

"We have decided to launch penal lawsuit against unknown," Minister François Bausch told journalists on Monday.

In documents distributed to reporters, Luxembourg's infrastructure ministry described itself as "a victim of criminal action that led it to certify cars, which it would not have done had the tests not been cheated."

Luxembourg is among seven nations under scrutiny by Brussels regulators for failing to impose the kind of penalties Volkswagen has faced in the United States over its use of illegal "defeat device" software to mask toxic diesel emissions.

(Reporting by Michèle Sinner; Writing by Alissa de Carbonnel, editing by Julia Fioretti)