Cambodia PM wants official protest venue moved out of town

AP News
Posted: Dec 06, 2016 9:49 AM

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Cambodia's leader has suggested that if the capital's designated political protest venue is not moved out of town, it might be situated in front of the U.S. Embassy.

Hun Sen said Tuesday that he plans to have Freedom Park moved to a location six kilometers (3.6 miles) out of Phnom Penh. He said the existing park has become a site for anarchistic activity, which was inappropriate because of its central location and proximity to the historic Wat Phnom temple.

He said, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, that if advocacy groups supported by the United States objected, the park could be situated in front of the U.S. Embassy.

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Hun Sen said that even if the new location was a bit far away, people could watch the protests on Facebook.