EU to investigate O2 CZ, T-Mobile CZ network sharing deal

Reuters News
Posted: Oct 25, 2016 5:49 AM

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust regulators will investigate whether a network sharing deal between O2 CZ/CETIN and T-Mobile CZ curbs competition in the Czech Republic, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

The two companies, which serve about three-quarters of the Czech market, started cooperating in 2011 and currently offer 2G to 4G.

The EU competition enforcer said it would investigate whether the network sharing slows down quality improvements in existing infrastructure or delays the deployment of new technologies such as 4G/LTE and future technologies as well as new services based on them.

O2 CZ/CETIN and Deutsche Telekom unit T-Mobile CZ may have to end their arrangement or modify it if found guilty of breaching EU antitrust rules.

(Reporting by Foo Yun Chee; editing by Robert-Jan Bartunek)