At U.N., Brazil's Temer says Rousseff's ouster was constitutional

Reuters News
Posted: Sep 20, 2016 11:03 AM

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Brazil's new president Michel Temer told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that the impeachment of his predecessor Dilma Rousseff was conducted with "absolute respect" for the country's Constitution and that confidence was returning to the economy.

Temer, sworn in last month after the dismissal of Rousseff by Congress, said his task now was to restore economic growth and create work for millions of Brazilians who have lost their jobs in the worst recession since the 1930s. His U.N. appearance was part of his effort to restore confidence and attract investment.

Rousseff's impeachment was carried out within the rules set by Congress and the Supreme Court, he said. "The process took place in absolute respect to the constitutional order."

Late last month Brazil's Senate convicted Rousseff, the country's first woman president, of breaking budget rules, marking the end of 13 years of leftist Workers Party rule.

Then vice president, Temer will serve out her term, which ends in 2018.

(Reporting by Hugh Bronstein and Anthony Boadle; Editing by Franklin Paul and Grant McCool)