The man who paints cows

Reuters News
Posted: May 16, 2016 1:19 PM

EAST SUSSEX, UK - British painter John Marshall has spent the last decade restricting himself to just one subject: the humble cow. The paintings are big, around 2 meters and, Marshall claims, each bovine has its unique characteristics. 

    "So, if the cow is soft and nurturing that's how I will paint it and if the cow is sort of angry and startled then I'll try and treat that in the temperate. So, they portray a different thing and it's the thing that is keeping them unique, keeping a sense that each one is different and it's kind of more of an emotional portrayal than a photographic one," said Marshall. 

    In the past 12 months he has sold around 40 canvases, which can go on sale for up to £6,000 (8,500 U.S. dollars) each and many of his paintings find their way to urban dwellers who look for a rural look in their city homes.