What We Know: Clinton TV ads push gun issue in NH, not Iowa

AP News
Posted: Jan 21, 2016 3:54 PM

What's on TV? If you're talking about political ads, that depends on where you live.

Key takeaways from an Associated Press analysis of Hillary Clinton's gun-control ads over the past month:

—Clinton is pushing her support for tougher gun controls in ads on broadcast TV in New Hampshire.

— One of every four Clinton ads in New Hampshire over the past month has been about tougher gun laws.

— In Iowa, just one in 17 of Clinton's spots over the same time has featured her stance on gun control.

— Polls indicate that Democratic primary voters in both New Hampshire and Iowa say they want to toughen gun laws.

—Analysts say Clinton may be pushing the gun issue more in New Hampshire as a way to distinguish herself from Bernie Sanders, who leads in polls in the state.