Ohio traffic-camera law takes enforcement to busy freeways

AP News
Posted: Nov 08, 2015 1:07 PM
Ohio traffic-camera law takes enforcement to busy freeways

CLEVELAND (AP) — Several Ohio communities have found a way to work around a state law that tried to effectively ban the use of traffic enforcement cameras by using hand-held units that allow police to cite large numbers of motorists on busy freeways, something that wasn't possible with automated units.

The Republican-controlled Legislature thought it could end traffic-camera enforcement with a provision in the law that requires a full-time police officer to be present when an automated enforcement camera catches someone speeding. But officers using hand-held cameras have been the business of issue the civil citations more efficient and potentially, more lucrative if they're deployed above or the side of a freeway.

Officials in communities that are using the new technology say the safety of the motoring public, not revenue, is their first concern.