'Twilight' gets new gender swap edition for 10th birthday

Reuters News
Posted: Oct 07, 2015 11:15 AM

Ten years after "Twilight" hit book stands, author Stephanie Meyer is celebrating the anniversary with a special edition -- where the lead characters' genders have been reversed.

The love story between teenage Bella and vampire Edward became a worldwide hit, spawning more books and films despite an initial lukewarm reception from critics.

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers announced a 10th anniversary dual edition with another title "Life and Death", which sees the romance re-imagined. Bella is now Beau, Edward is Edyth, and his love rival Jacob has now become Julie.

"For me, this anniversary is a celebration of the fans, with all of their incredible passion and dedication," Meyer said in a statement.

The dual publication of "Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death" went on sale on Tuesday.