Lawmakers back 'Yes means Yes' training for high schools

AP News
Posted: Sep 04, 2015 10:57 PM

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Lawmakers on Friday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a "Yes means Yes" bill that backers said would make California the first to bring the sexual assault training to high schools.

SB695 requires school districts to teach sexual violence prevention as part of their health curriculum if health education is required to graduate.

The bill by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson follows legislation last year requiring all colleges receiving public funds to adopt a so-called affirmative consent standard for investigating assault allegations.

The bill would specify that students be informed about the "Yes Means Yes" law.

"By teaching our youth about assertive consent and healthy relationships, we will be building a strong foundation — strong foundation for our young men, our young women, a strong foundation for our schools, a strong foundation for our community so we can understand, so we can learn about what sexual assaults are all about," said de Leon, D-Los Angeles.

Senators unanimously approved the legislation Friday, sending it to the governor.

"How critical it is that we continue this effort throughout the educational process so that we can change a culture that desperately needs that change," said Jackson, D-Santa Barbara.