Famous? I'd be a movie star, not an archer: Malavasic

Reuters News
Posted: Jun 22, 2015 6:59 AM

BAKU (Reuters) - Slovenian archer Den Habjan Malavasic has no desire to become a celebrity but appeared to enjoy his fleeting moment in the spotlight at the European Games on Monday.

His exploits did not quite live up to Andy Warhol's 'everyone will be famous for 15 minutes' quote but the world number 206 more than surpassed his albeit limited expectations in Baku.

With his main aim "to go out there and get some more experience in front of the cameras", the 22-year-old won two contests in the men's individual before bowing out in the last 16 at Tofiq Bahramov stadium.

"It's nice that people recognize you, but it's not everything. I mean, I shoot for me, not to get famous. If I wanted to become a celebrity I'd star in a movie or something," he said.

"Of course it helps if people know you and maybe a few more doors are open to you than others. You can maybe achieve certain things easier if you are perhaps more published."

The Slovenian's run came to abrupt end on a windy afternoon in the capital, with Frenchman Lucas Daniel, the world number 17, having too much guile and accuracy.

(Reporting by Justin Palmer; editing by xxx)