Oklahoma woman charged with removing body parts from rival's corpse

Reuters News
Posted: May 15, 2015 12:49 PM

By Jon Herskovitz

(Reuters) - An Oklahoma woman accused of slashing the face and cutting body parts off the corpse of a romantic rival will appear in a Tulsa court on Friday for a hearing on increasing her bail, law enforcement officials said.

The Tulsa District Attorney this week also added a charge against Shaynna Sims for the "unlawful removal of body part from deceased" for cutting off the toe, and breasts from the body of the other woman, which was awaiting cremation at a funeral home.

Sims, also known as Shaynna Smith, faces six criminal counts including interrupting a funeral, stealing shoes meant for the woman and unauthorized dissection for slashing the face of her former boyfriend's lover at the funeral home.

Lawyers for Sims were not immediately available for comment. She had been released on bond. The deceased woman has been named in court filings. She died of natural causes relating to a long illness, local broadcaster News on 6 reported.

Prosecutors said that before the body was set to be cremated, Sims "crudely cut and removed a toe for the dead body and crudely cut out and removed the breasts from the dead body," according to papers filed in a state district court on Wednesday.

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Prosecutors said it was too early to discuss what sort of sentence they are seeking in the case.

(Reporting by Jon Herskovitz; Editing by Lisa Lambert)