Hungary says solution near on nuclear fuel dispute with EU

Reuters News
Posted: Mar 13, 2015 4:10 AM

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary is nearing a deal with the European Union's nuclear energy agency Euratom about details of a Hungarian-Russian deal to expand its Paks nuclear power plant after Euratom questioned elements of the deal, a top government official said on Friday.

The Hungarian prime minister's chief of staff, Janos Lazar, told public radio that fuel supply was one element of a multi-faceted deal and that Euratom would like to enable suppliers other than Russians to ship fuel to Paks.

Hungary and Russia agreed on expanding the Paks plant in early 2014, and in December signed three contracts detailing the construction, financing and future fuel supply of the plant.

Lazar said he and his colleagues held talks with a Russian delegation as well as the European Commission.

"The solution under preparation will be acceptable to the European Commission, Russia as well as Hungary," he said. "It will ensure secure fuel supply for Hungary, naturally enable the Russians as well to be able to ship fuel, and naturally allow Hungary to access the most competitively priced fuel."

(Reporting by Marton Dunai, Editing by Krisztina Than)