AP PHOTOS: Political campaigning, Japan-style

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Posted: Dec 12, 2014 3:18 AM
AP PHOTOS: Political campaigning, Japan-style

TOKYO (AP) — Some deliver their stump speeches standing on plastic milk crates, Japan's version of the proverbial soapbox. Others climb atop platforms on specially-equipped vans.

A snap election for the 475-seat lower house of parliament has thrust more than 1,000 candidates out into an early December chill. Their names are plastered everywhere — on signboards, on large sashes they wear across their fronts — in hopes that voters will remember them when they go to polling stations on Sunday.

The color of choice is white, for the gloves some wear, the cloth covers on the tops of their microphones, even the vans that ferry them around.

It can be a tough sell in the big city. Lesser-known candidates in Tokyo draw only a handful of bystanders and earn barely a glance from many passers-by. Undeterred, the candidates forge on, thanking and bowing to prospective voters, before moving to their next stop.

The Party Of Man-Haters
Ilana Mercer

Associated Press photographer Eugene Hoshiko captured these scenes over the course of the 12-day campaign.


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