DCCC raises $17M in September, NRCC raises $11M

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Posted: Oct 20, 2014 11:08 AM
DCCC raises $17M in September, NRCC raises $11M

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite long odds of toppling Republicans' majority, House Democrats' campaign committee raised $16.7 million last month and began October with more than $34 million for the final weeks before Election Day, officials said Monday.

At the same time, House Republicans' campaign effort raised more than $11 million last month and started October sitting on $33 million for what is expected to be an easy task of defending their majority.

Combined, the Democratic Congressional Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee have now raised more than a quarter billion — $288 million, to be exact — and have spent $221 million.

Despite a fundraising advantage, Democrats face tough odds for toppling the Republicans' majority in the House. Only a handful of races are seen as competitive. When states redrew congressional districts' borders after the 2010 Census, Republicans came out with more secure seats than did the Democrats.

Even so, the DCCC has raised $163 million since January of 2013. The NRCC has raised $125 million in the same time.

That's allowed the DCCC to spend heavily, almost $131 million against the NRCC's almost $91 million. In September alone, the DCCC spent $37 million; the NRCC spent $24 million.

"Heading into the homestretch we can only remain competitive if we over-perform — and that's exactly what we're doing," said Rep. Steve Israel, the New York Democrat who chairs the DCCC. "This record-breaking month is driven by our incredible grassroots supporters who refuse to sit back and let House Republicans' special interest allies buy this election."

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That's why the DCCC has hired 815 operatives in 42 districts. Officials also say they have registered 80,000 new voters.

The DCCC also said it raised more than $7 million online from 300,000 donors. Since January of 2013, the DCCC's aggressive online fundraising has collected more than $50 million.

The NRCC, however, is having its own successes. The committee on Monday also said it raised more online last month than it did during the entire 2012 campaign cycle. Officials did not disclose that sum in a summary sent to reporters.

Republicans hold 233 seats and Democrats have 199 in the current Congress. There are three vacancies.


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