Tyson goes on curse-filled diatribe on live TV

AP News
Posted: Sep 10, 2014 7:19 PM

TORONTO (AP) — Mike Tyson has unleashed a curse-filled diatribe at an interviewer on live TV after the anchor referred to him as a convicted rapist.

Nathan Downer of Toronto all-news network CP24 was interviewing Tyson on Wednesday, a day after the former boxing champ visited Rob Ford at city hall amid the controversial mayor's bid for re-election next month.

Downer asked Tyson: "Some of your critics would say, 'You know this is a race for mayor. We know you're a convicted rapist. This could hurt his campaign.' How do you respond to that?"

Tyson said he wouldn't comment on the question, but then later said, "So interesting that you come across like a nice guy but you're really a piece of (expletive)."

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It was the first of several times he referred to Downer that way. Downer reminded him they were on live TV, but that did not stop him.