Court says final 'No' to Jewish restitution claim

AP News
Posted: May 02, 2014 7:04 AM

PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech Republic's highest court has upheld previous rulings that dismissed a restitution claim by the Jewish descendants of a man who owned a snap button factory that was taken over by the Nazis and then nationalized.

The Constitutional Court has confirmed its 2010 verdict, which overturned a 2009 Supreme Court ruling and all previous rulings of lower courts that found in favor of three relatives of Zikmund Waldes, who owned the Koh-i-noor factory in Prague when the Nazis seized it in 1939 during their occupation of what was then Czechoslovakia. The heirs will also not get back a collection of 20 paintings that were housed in the plant.

The latest verdict sent to The Associated Press by the court on Friday is final.