Incognito and two teammates harassed Martin - report

Reuters News
Posted: Feb 14, 2014 12:15 PM

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The NFL's independent report on bullying charges in the Miami Dolphins' locker room was issued on Friday, finding that Richie Incognito and two teammates engaged in a pattern of harassment directed at Jonathan Martin and two others.

The 144-page report ( by independent investigator Ted Wells also named Miami players John Jerry and Mike Pouncy as engaging in harassment and said another young Dolphins offensive lineman and an assistant trainer were also targets.

Offensive tackle Martin voluntarily left the club in October and said afterwards that he had been subjected to harassment. Fellow lineman Incognito was subsequently suspended from the team stemming from the incident.

"The Report concludes that the harassment by Martin's teammates was a contributing factor in his decision to leave the team, but also finds that Martin's teammates did not intend to drive Martin from the team or cause him lasting emotional injury," the report said.

The National Football League said it would consider the findings of the report before determining any further action.

"We appreciate the work of Ted Wells and his colleagues and the cooperation of the Miami Dolphins organization in the investigation. After we have had an opportunity to review the report, we will have further comment as appropriate," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Reuters in an e-mail.

(Reporting by Larry Fine; Editing by Steve Ginsburg)