Twerking hoax fools some in small Louisiana city

AP News
Posted: Sep 18, 2013 6:53 PM

DEQUINCY, La. (AP) — When a satirical website reported the small city of DeQuincy, La., had banned twerking, some local residents thought it might be true.

Mayor Lawrence Henagen told The Associated Press that City Hall got 40 to 50 calls about the ban Tuesday, and similar calls tied up two lines at the police station.

He said lots of callers were laughing and knew it was a joke.

But he estimated that more than half thought there might be truth in the article on, even though it was clearly "baloney."

The article quotes a fictitious mayor and sheriff.

The real mayor had this to say about the butt-bouncing dance move: "I think that's a parent's job, not mine, to decide if appropriate for their kids to be doing that."