Nordic editors protest moves against the Guardian

AP News
Posted: Aug 25, 2013 5:22 AM

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Top editors of the largest Nordic newspapers say that Britain's use of anti-terror legislation to "harass" the Guardian newspaper and people associated with it could threaten news media around the world.

The editors-in-chief of Sweden's Dagens Nyheter, Norway's Aftenposten, Finland's Helsingin Sanomat and Denmark's Politiken said in a joint letter Sunday that they are surprised and concerned "that a stout defender of democracy and free debate such as the United Kingdom uses anti-terror legislation in order to legalize what amounts to harassment of both the paper and individuals associated with it."

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John C. Goodman

British officials have been criticized after using the legislation to confiscate data being ferried to journalist Glenn Greenwald by his partner, David Miranda, and ordering the destruction of computer equipment belonging to Greenwald's newspaper, the Guardian.