What it takes to become an Army Ranger

AP News
Posted: Jun 18, 2013 5:36 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — As the military looks to bring women into combat jobs closer to the front lines, including commando units, senior leaders are reviewing the physical and mental requirements that troops must meet in order to qualify for certain positions.

There are many different requirements, standards and tests for the wide variety of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and commando units — ranging from infantry and combat engineer to pararescue and special forces.

For example to qualify to be an Army Ranger, which soon could be open to women, soldiers must meet minimum standards.

The minimum scores for the first phase of the fitness test:

— Pushups in two minutes: 49.

— Situps in two minutes: 59.

— Pullups: 6.

— 2-mile buddy run: less than 20 minutes.

— 5-mile run: 40 minutes.

— 12-mile hike with 45 pound pack: 3 hours.

— 15-meter swim with gear/log walk/rope drop/suspension traverse: pass/fail.

— Land navigation course locating five of six points over varying terrain for 5,000-6,000 meters (3.1-3.7 miles): 4 hours.

Ranger school also includes an obstacle course, a phase that includes 20 days and nights in the mountains and a third phase that covers small boat operations and abilities needed to survive in a jungle and swamp environment. The 58-day Ranger course includes long marches with up to 120 pounds of gear, sleep deprivation, one to two meals-ready-to-eat a day as total food consumption, and continual evaluation of leadership, patrol and other skills. A typical soldier may lose 20-30 pounds during the course.