Deal elusive on expanding gun background checks

AP News
Posted: Mar 05, 2013 5:44 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite signs of stepped up White House involvement, a bipartisan compromise over expanded background checks for gun buyers remains elusive as a Senate committee prepares for votes this week on curbing firearms.

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has been the lead Republican negotiating with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democrats over a compromise background check measure. They've been stuck over Democrats' insistence that records be kept on sales between private individuals.

In recent days, Coburn has been invited to the White House for a talk with Vice President Joe Biden, and he's gotten a phone call from President Barack Obama.

Coburn says he thinks the two sides are close to a deal. But others are less optimistic.

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to consider gun control bills on Thursday.