Judges learn it's human to have feelings on bench

AP News
Posted: Feb 21, 2013 12:32 PM
Judges learn it's human to have feelings on bench

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Florida judge's harsh reaction to a disrespectful teenaged defendant, captured on court video, is a reminder that judges don't shed their emotions when they don their black robes.

The recent episode quickly went viral. But for a few dozen new federal judges, it became a lesson in finding ways to acknowledge that they experience a range of feelings on the bench and channel them appropriately.

Vanderbilt University law professor Terry Maroney says judges will have emotions on the job, "no matter how many people tell you you won't, or aren't supposed to." Maroney studies emotion in judging and led a discussion with the judges in Washington.

Veteran federal judge Jeremy Fogel says more should be done to prepare new judges for the stresses of their job.