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Posted: Jan 21, 2013 9:03 AM

When a little boy started complaining about the cold early tpdau, volunteer Amber M. Whittington knew just what to say.

"You will be very grateful to your parents one day," she told the boy. "This is history. You will realize that soon. It's worth it. "

Whittington, 26, had reason to be emotional. Four years ago she brought her father, William, to the inauguration. it was freezing, but she told him the same thing she told the little boy: "it's worth it." It was. Her father died of a stroke a year ago at 60.

Whittington, who is African-American, says she thinks this inauguration is even more important for the country than the last. "This is a validation of our electing the first black president," she says. "It wasn't a fluke. We're going forward."

— Jocelyn Noveck — Twitter


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