Mexico: Boy killed at movie hit with stray bullet

AP News
Posted: Nov 13, 2012 9:15 PM

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A 10-year-old boy killed inside a Mexico City movie theater was hit by a stray bullet that was fired outside the building, authorities said Tuesday.

Prosecutor Edmundo Garrido said Hendrik Cuacuas was hit in the head by a 9-mm bullet at a theater in the rough neighborhood of Iztapalapa.

Hendrik was watching the animated Disney film "Wreck-It Ralph" when he died Nov. 2, but the case didn't get any attention until his father went to the media this week.

The boy's father, Enrique Cuacuas, told The Associated Press that he had gone to the movie with his son and 12-year-old daughter and that 30 minutes into the show he saw his son convulsing.

"I asked him, 'Papi, what's wrong with you? What's happening?', but he didn't answer," Cuacuas said. "I put my hand on his head and that's when I realized he was bleeding."

Cuacuas said he didn't hear a gunshot and only heard a cracking noise seconds before turning to check on his son.

"I later realized that (sound) was my son's little head," he said.

The bullet passed through the building's laminate roof, then pierced a suspended ceiling and traveled to the upper right side of the child's head, ballistics expert Anselmo Apodaca said.

Apodaca said police found a second 9-mm bullet on the theater's roof but authorities were still trying to determine if it was fired by the same weapon.

Cuacuas said he had heard of at least four other shooting incidents at the Cinepolis movie theater where his son was hit. Garrido, the prosecutor, said authorities had no reports of any other incidents. Cinepolis spokesman Pablo Jimenez told W Radio that in March a man was wounded in a foot while watching a movie at the same complex but that it was still unclear what happened to him.