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Posted: Nov 06, 2012 7:16 PM

Thanks to three television networks, New Yorkers will be able to learn election results without turning on their TVs. They can walk down the street or look out the window.

CNN, NBC and ABC are all using New York buildings — in some cases, iconic New York buildings — as giant counters to 270 electoral votes and a newly elected president.

Each of the displays are similar: giant blue (Barack Obama) or red (Mitt Romney) bars that will grow as each network declares a state has been won by either candidate. CNN is using LED technology to show its bars near the top of the Empire State building, perhaps the city's most visible landmark.

NBC will do the same at "30 Rock," the Rockefeller Plaza building that is its headquarters, and will also color in an electoral map of the United States on the plaza's ice skating rink. ABC is using a giant video screen in Times Square to allow people in the busy crossroads to see who is winning or losing.

The building-high results might be particularly helpful to people around New York who are still without power after Superstorm Sandy and, on Tuesday night, can find their answers in the sky.

— David Bauder —


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