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Posted: Nov 06, 2012 5:17 PM

Actress Kate Walsh is a self-described "one-percenter" now, but in a personal video posted on her website, she says she grew up with government assistance.

Walsh speaks directly to the camera in the 6 1/2 -minute video she calls "My Story: Why I'm voting for Barack Obama." The 45-year-old actress explains that her father was an Irish immigrant and her family relied on food stamps when she was growing up. As a young woman, she amassed more than $30,000 in student-loan debt before quitting college to pursue acting. With no health insurance, Planned Parenthood provided her annual check-ups.

"It wasn't until I was 36 years old and I got on 'Grey's Anatomy' that I could finally pay back my student loans once and for all," she says. "And now, today, having been on television for a number of years, I am one of those one-percenters. And I'm not looking for a tax break or a tax cut. I just want to know how my taxes are going to be spent. And I want them to go back into the programs that will help the rest of America, the 47 percent, that, for me, are the foundation and the bedrock of this country. Because that's where I came from. That's who my people are."

She says she made the video "to explain a little bit about where I came from and why I'm doing what I'm doing" to support Obama and encourage people to vote.


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