AP News
Posted: Nov 06, 2012 3:48 PM

Michael Oreskes, a veteran political journalist since the 1970s and now The Associated Press' senior managing editor for U.S. news, will be checking in briefly with Election Watch throughout the day. Here is his first report:


Once, admittedly a long time ago, campaigning for president on any day — let alone Election Day — was considered undignified. Candidates were limited to campaigning from their front porches.

That was then. Now we are seeing scenes America has never experienced before as part of its greatest unifying event, Election Day.

There was the president of the United States, on hold, waiting for a supporter in Wisconsin to come back on the line so he could make a final plea for turnout. Obama was visiting a campaign office near his home in Chicago.

That scene was nothing compared to what was playing out in Ohio. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were hopscotching the ultimate battleground state in a last ditch appeal. And Ryan had a shadow: Vice President Joe Biden somehow flew in too, in a last-ditch effort to mess up the Republicans' final message.

So much for campaigning from the front porch.

— Michael Oreskes