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Posted: Nov 06, 2012 7:57 PM

Michael Oreskes, a veteran political journalist since the 1970s and now The Associated Press' senior managing editor for U.S. news, will be checking in briefly with Election Watch throughout the day. Here is his latest report:


An era of good feeling? Well, after a year of brutal campaigning there was a moment of good feeling between the two campaigns, even before the polls closed.

Traditionally, the concession and victory speeches (later tonight, or whenever) contain a tip of the hat to the worthy opponent.

But Barack Obama and Mitt Romney got a head start, while voters where still lining up.

Obama said this to Romney: "Congratulations on a spirited campaign." The president told staffers at an office in Chicago, "I know his supporters are just as engaged, just as enthusiastic and working just as hard today."

Romney returned the accolades. Speaking to volunteers at a call center in Green Tree, Pa. Romney told his team they "don't need to be disparaging of the other guy."

"This president has run a really strong campaign" Romney said, according to the AP's Steve Peoples. "I believe he's a good man and wish him well and his family well. He's a good father and has been a good example of a good father."

— Michael Oreskes


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