5 things to watch for in the campaign homestretch

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Posted: Nov 05, 2012 4:25 AM
5 things to watch for in the campaign homestretch

WASHINGTON (AP) — Five things to watch for in the home stretch of the presidential race between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney:

1. LAST WORDS? Obama and Romney have spoken thousands of words at hundreds of rallies over the past year. Monday marks the last time Obama will appear on the campaign trail as a candidate standing for election — and it may be the same for Romney as well. Will there be any wistfulness?

2. TV TIME? Presidential race ads are airing wall-to-wall in key places. But the candidates are looking for every way to invade voters' living rooms, so expect both sides to dish out one-on-one interviews with Obama, Romney and their running mates to local news stations in the final hours. How many can each squeeze in?

3. FIRST TALLY? Tuesday's voting begins at midnight in Hart's Landing and Dixville Notch, two small towns in northern New Hampshire. Obama beat GOP nominee John McCain in 2008 by a combined 32 to 16. Will it be closer in 2012?

4. LEGAL MANUEVERING? The lawsuits in battleground states are already piling up as both parties seek every advantage in the close race. Some involve absentee voting, others overseas ballots. What legal steps are still to come?

5. EXPLAINING THE LOSS? We've heard both camps say why they'll win. But one will lose. How soon do the excuses start to fly for what went awry? Did Superstorm Sandy have an impact?