5 things to watch for in the campaign homestretch

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Posted: Nov 04, 2012 4:43 AM
5 things to watch for in the campaign homestretch

WASHINGTON (AP) — Five things to watch for in the last days of the presidential race between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney:

1. SCHEDULE CHANGES?: The clock is ticking, and races are tight in key states. Keep an eye on whether Obama or Romney make last-minute changes to their schedules to shore up support in key states on their paths to reaching 270 Electoral College votes.

2. FALSE BRAVADO?: Both campaigns are dispatching their top aides to the Sunday TV shows. Their body language and precisely which aides appear may say more about how they are feeling about the race than what's actually said.

3. SOULS TO THE POLLS?: Expect church leaders across the country to encourage their congregations to head to the polls Tuesday. It happens before every election. Will church-goers follow their leaders?

4. VOTER TURN OFF?: After months of attack ads, Obama and Romney both closed out their campaigns with some upbeat new messages while their allied independent groups continued on a largely negative note. Are voters too sick of ads to notice the positive messages?

5. CELEBRITIES ON THE TRAIL: The Boss. Katie Perry. Kid Rock. A slew of celebrities have hit the trail in recent weeks to fire up crowds. Will any make last-minute appearances?